BIOVALYS Managing Director has received the great recognition of “The Best Partner in Market Breakthrough 2022” Award.

It is the delightful moment that Mr. Veerachai TARNMANEEWONGSE, Managing Director of Biovalys Co., Ltd. has received a great recognition for “The Best Partner in Market Breakthrough 2022 Award” from the Institute of Medical Biology, Chinese Academy of Medical Science (IMBCAMS)

IMBCAMS established a complete industrial chain of development and production of vaccines for serious infectious diseases where is integrating industry, university and research institutes. Moreover, IMBCAMS rewarded as the WHO collaborating center for reference and research on Enteroviruses. It has developed the world’s first EV71 vaccine.

This award is given to Mr. Veerachai TARNMANEEWONGSE, the top executive of Biovalys, who is the best partner with IMBCAMS, excellence operating a business specializing in vaccines and biopharmaceuticals by focusing on finding partners that are quality manufactures to provide high-quality vaccines and biological products.