Biovalys participated in the 24th Annual meeting of Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of Thailand (PIDST) on September 16th – 18th October 2020, at PEACH Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall, Royal Cliff Hotels Group, Chonburi.

Biovalys’ activities were to raising the awareness of rabies disease and rabies prevention, especially in rabies pre-exposure prophylaxis,  with more than 500 pediatricians and healthcare provider joined this meeting.

Biovalys also had an industrial symposium with the topic of “Practical Point on Pre- and Post-exposure rabies prophylaxis” on October 18th, 2020. The key content from the symposium was PIDST had recommended rabies pre-exposure prophylaxis as optional for Thai children who have risk, with the benefit as more confidence, less pain and save cost.