• SEPTEMBER 28, 2019

    Louis Pasteur and Rabies Vaccine

    28 September is World Rabies Day and also memorializes the anniversary of Louis Pasteur’s death. Before he developed the first rabies vaccine, he discovered the food safety pasteurization process and  prevented new silkworm eggs process in silk industry. His discovery of the germ theory of disease leaded him to discover the anthrax vaccine and other

    • AUGUST 26, 2019

    Albert B. Sabin and Oral Polio Vaccine

    To commemorate Dr. Albert B. Sabin, who dedicated his professional career to develop oral polio vaccine, which has been used to prevent millions of children over the world to be healthy from acute poliomyelitis which can cause death and paralysis. His story would be distributed to those interested in vaccine history and biography. Additionally, value

    • JUNE 7, 2016


    Cause Transmission Rabies is a zoonotic disease affecting a wide range of domestic and wild mammals, including bats. The virus is present primarily in the saliva and infection of humans usually occurs through the bite of an infected animal, usually a dog, which may not show signs of rabies.Transmission may occasionally occur also through other contact